Saturday, 3 November 2012

Youtube Down & Not Working.....500 error message, a team of highly trained Monkeys are fixing the issue.

                      What to do when Youtube not working

As you are all probably aware I make video Craft Beer Reviews on Youtube, if you have stumbled across this post by accident here is the link to my channel

Now with that out of the way I can carry on with this blog, I am new to the world of blogging in written form so bear with me. The reason for me to start writing.................Youtube is currently down with a 500 error message and apparently a team of highly trained monkeys are working on the issue. Youtube is not working at all (as of 03/11/2012)
So then I have put my camera down and started writing this blog. Using a conventional keyboard. If you are a video blogger on Youtube and are wondering whats going on, don't worry too much as I am sure normal service will resume soon. But while its down why not like me write a little blog about your interests or your gripes with Youtube being down!!!

Ok I admit this is killing me! I hate writing, there is nothing better for me than to switch the camera on and review a beer on my channel...................But I cant as Youtube is DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets review a beer in written form then.

Lady Godiva by the Warwickshire Brewery, pours out golden in colour with a nice head coming from the stream of carbonation rising from the side of the glass, the nose on the beer is biscuity with a nice gentle hop aroma (god this is killing me, I have never typed so much in my life......My fingers have blisters from key tapping!) Ok the taste for this 4% ish beer is light and refreshing with a mild hop aroma and a biscuity malt finish. Worth sessioning with friends and family 6/10 in the rating.

Blimey that was painful!! Please Youtube dont be down anymore and come back to life so I can switch my camera on and show my viewers the blisters on my fingers from writing this blog.

Simon Martin