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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Youtube Down & Not Working.....500 error message, a team of highly trained Monkeys are fixing the issue.

                      What to do when Youtube not working

As you are all probably aware I make video Craft Beer Reviews on Youtube, if you have stumbled across this post by accident here is the link to my channel https://www.youtube.com/realaleguide

Now with that out of the way I can carry on with this blog, I am new to the world of blogging in written form so bear with me. The reason for me to start writing.................Youtube is currently down with a 500 error message and apparently a team of highly trained monkeys are working on the issue. Youtube is not working at all (as of 03/11/2012)
So then I have put my camera down and started writing this blog. Using a conventional keyboard. If you are a video blogger on Youtube and are wondering whats going on, don't worry too much as I am sure normal service will resume soon. But while its down why not like me write a little blog about your interests or your gripes with Youtube being down!!!

Ok I admit this is killing me! I hate writing, there is nothing better for me than to switch the camera on and review a beer on my channel...................But I cant as Youtube is DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets review a beer in written form then.

Lady Godiva by the Warwickshire Brewery, pours out golden in colour with a nice head coming from the stream of carbonation rising from the side of the glass, the nose on the beer is biscuity with a nice gentle hop aroma (god this is killing me, I have never typed so much in my life......My fingers have blisters from key tapping!) Ok the taste for this 4% ish beer is light and refreshing with a mild hop aroma and a biscuity malt finish. Worth sessioning with friends and family 6/10 in the rating.

Blimey that was painful!! Please Youtube dont be down anymore and come back to life so I can switch my camera on and show my viewers the blisters on my fingers from writing this blog.

Simon Martin

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Real Ale Guide's first ever blog

My first ever blog!!!

This is my first attempt at a blog, so I shall start by introducing myself, my name is Simon Martin and I am a massive fan of Craft Beer and Real Ale's, I am actually writting this the morning after enjoying a few bottle conditioned beauty's from Wells and Youngs Brewery, the beers in question were Special London Ale, London Gold and a Double chocolate Stout which was simply devine, the rich chocolate taste and great malty base, is something of craft which should be cherrished and loved as only we in this small country of our's can produce such great beers.

I run a successful Youtube channel called the "Real Ale Guide" which I started for fun on a cold January day in 2010, after watching a review of a beer on Youtube and thinking "that looks fun", so I turned on the webcam and recorded a beer called Englands Gold, the review was dreadful, as my hands were shaking with nerves and the webcam had a terrible sound delay, but I soldiered on and after a while invested in a little Casio Exilim HD camera from Asda, with I have a great fondness with as it has helped me to become Youtube's largest beer reviewer in Europe.

There is nothing more I like doing in my spare time than showing the world great beer, I now visit brewery's and make video's on how the beer is being produced and occasionally go on little pub crawls to video beer in its greatest form on CASK.

So if you want to take a little look at my video's click this link www.youtube.com/realaleguide or search realaleguide in Youtube.

Thanks for reading my first ever blog, Cheers.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Hey Chad just opened a blogging site, pretty cool, i will start blogging British Ale's soon Cheers!!